Ralph Allin (Violin) and Al Gurr (Piano) – Friday 5th 8pm – HALL

Last years Jazz Night was a truly memorable evening. The church hall, with round candle lit tables, a bar in one corner, a flood lit stage with two amazing performers. This year will be no different.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ralph-01_orig-1.jpgRalph Allin is one of Birmingham’s finest violinists. Although the title of the evening includes the word ‘Jazz’, be assured that he will set the evening a light with all types of music from Brahms to Folk from Gypsy to Jazz and his humorous stories between songs will have you chuckling in your seats. After a recent concert involving Ralph Allin one of the audience said “I don’t like Jazz but I loved that!”. Please do come along and support this amazing night, tickets are only £5 and can purchased on the night.

Al Gurr is a musician who has made a name for himself in a wide variety of different contexts, arranging and producing as well as playing piano and electric bass. The list of people who he has worked with testifies to this versatility: Alfie Boe, Hayley Westenra, Lesley Garrett, John Nettles, Angela Rippon, David Jacobs, AJ Moore, Sara Colman, Jacqui Scott, Blake, Lorna Luft and many more…….